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by Bradley Jobling on April 18, 2010

Being a film buff I couldn’t pass up the Filmmakers Get Social event hosted by Nailing Jello Productions last Wednesday at the Roger Smith Hotel.

Although the screenings were great, the conversational focus of the night concentrated on how independent film companies are using social media to help raise awareness and money for their flicks. The experts on hand for this were Leslie Poston the co-author of Twitter for Dummies, Michelle Deforest the Manger of Sales and Marketing for Next New Networks, the web technologist and marketer Matthew Knell, John Knowles the CEO of Panman Productions, and Matt Gielen a video producer and audience expert.

Distilling the points of the discussions, the takeaways were:

  • Filmmakers can be “made” and found online. This involves building up a network before money is needed.
  • Social media is all about your story. Plan it out before you start.
  • It’s easy to get lost in social media. Devote 1 hour a day to it. Make social media a way of life, yet do it efficiently. This goes back to finding what works and concentrating on that.
  • Work efficiently, yet continue to experiment for even better options.
  • Make a posting schedule of your social media content. Plan out your posts to tell “the” story and create hype.
  • Find the video and social media sites that work for your film. This is done through experimentation and analytics.
  • Five seems to be the magic number of sites that can be managed efficiently.
  • Many of the DVD extras can go online. These can be stills of sets, interviews with actors and film crew. Some studios do not like to release too many details of a piece in production. Yet, this is important to build audience.
  • After the release of the film, the social community must be kept up to increase awareness.
  • If your film is on a social site that is not being monitoring for comments, tell your audience how they can reach you.
  • Five rabid fans are worth more than 5,000 people who are only somewhat devoted
  •, Vimeo, Viddler and OpenIndie are good sites for exhibiting independent videos.
  • Financing and micro-financing can be found and managed through IndieGoGo, and ChipIn.
  • Social media should be stepped up after the film is in the can. This is when you need to build up your viewing audience.
  • Make snackable social media content with quotable lines. A great example of this is the BBC Being Human Facebook Page.
  • LISTEN to what is being said on your social media sites. This is free feedback.
  • Acknowledge people who participate in your communities. They will tell their friends about you.

Lastly, check out the CIFGuy’s You Tube Channel. He did all the right things and was able to get $100,000 for his film.

The screenings at the event, some of which contain adult content, were:

Crooked Lane directed by Chase Baily

Lady Gaga Parodies created by Mark Douglas

Tony and Cal directed by Ryan Gielen

The Adventures of PowerAri Gold

Clean the Room directed by Dmitry Povolostky

Nailing Jello directed by Jane Selle Morgan

Nailing Jello Stills

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Bradley Jobling April 19, 2010 at 6:56 PM

Here is the Indie Social Tumblr description of the event.

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