New York Video May 10th Meetup Co-Hosted by Streaming Media East

by Bradley Jobling on May 14, 2010

Showcased at the NY May 10th Video Meetup were: Play On, Dynamo Player, SundaySky, VMIX, Kyte, and Interlude. Since many of these companies are in beta, the videos that were displayed are not available online, and could not be posted on this blog.


PlayOn is a software package which can be used to watch online video on your TV, through a Playstation, Wii, or XBox. PlayOn viewing options include CBS, Hulu, MLB.Com, and YouTube. Unlike Boxee, PlayOn does not require a dedicated computer or box. The PlayOn program can run on your computer while it is being used for other functions.

The price for the software $40 per year and then $20 for every year thereafter.

Dynamo Player

Dynamo Player was developed by the producers of the web series Political Lunch. As content creators not being able to monetize what they developed, the company founders wanted to come up with micro-payment video distribution platform. Unlike YouTube Rentals, Dynamo Player videos can be embedded on blogs.


SundaySky is a video format where on-the-fly data can be updated within the video without the need for re-rendering. Examples that were displayed included videos with changeable player statistics and real estate videos with update-able prices and sales terms.


VMIX is a SaaS video publisher, encoder, and management tool billed as one of the fastest encoders existing at this time. VMIX has a turnkey option that provides everything from hosting and analytics to CDN (Akami). If the client would like a self-hosted option or to go through a different CDN, this can be handled with customizations.


Kyte is an online video player, encoder and management tool where recorded video can be pushed within minutes from a camera, laptop webcam, or smart phone to an online site, mobile platform, or social network. The company has an extensive client list: MTV, ESPN, Calvin Klein, Armani, NATO, as well as others. Embeddable analytic reports include statistics regarding engagement.


Interlude, developed by Israeli artist Yoni Bloch, is a tool that creates an interactive video experience. The music video demonstrated had 256 different combination made from 29 different shoots. Yoni said that the viewing time and retention rate for this type of a video is longer and higher than a linear video. A version for iPod videos is in the works.

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