Social Media For Adults: Ariana Huffington of Huffington Post and Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook

by Bradley Jobling on October 3, 2010

With Advertising Week in full force last week, there were plenty of takeaways from the Huffington Post discussions held on BB King’s on Wednesday the 29th. Before Ariana Huffington of the Huffington Post and Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook, we learned some interesting facts about the Huffington Post from it’s CEO Eric Hippeau:

  • Huffington Post started in 2005. Within the last 11 months the Post went from 1.5 million to 3.5 comments per month.
  • The next step of online marketing will be to involve social functionality within the advertisements themselves.
  • The 41 million most active users of social media are more affluent and drive the purchases of others online and offline. These active users are on average 34 years old, make more than $100k per year, and are large purchasers of entertainment, technology, and travel products.
  • The social creators are the ones that have a primal urge to be heard. This existed even before social media.
  • Because of social media one of the new rules that marketers need to understand is that messages must be engaging and authentic.
  • There won’t be any RFP’s for social media content as it should be real-time and based upon what is happening at the moment.

Sheryl highlighted some of the features of Facebook used on the Huffington Post.

  • With Open Graph, Facebook has been expanding beyond For instance, people who are friends on Facebook can connect on Huffington Post and see where their friends are commenting on the site.
  • Cause marketing has worked extremely well on social media. Most notably , the philanthropic campaign by Chase in which they let the fans choose the beneficiaries of the bank’s donations.
  • Digital marketing in the future will demand a Web site that knows who you are and creates itself and content specifically for you.

There is a second part of this article, Social Media For Adults: IBM, Ford Motor, Johnson & Johnson, Universal McCann, Deep Focus, and Pepsico.

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