BigScreen LittleScreen Meetup October 2010 Back with a Vengeance!

by Bradley Jobling on November 1, 2010

After a short hiatus the October 20th BigScreen LitteScreen Meetup was back with a vengeance and as usual, did not disappoint. The creativity of those involved in the development of these Web programs and channels is boundless. I am constantly awed. After a plug for the Digital Content New Front 2010 there were three videos screened.

The first video, from Dr. Coolsex Comedy is a fake movie trailer for a Mario Brothers vengeance movie. The company who purchase Dr. Cool Sex, Vsauce, is using Next New Networks as a distributor. According to the producer comments on YouTube are asking for the full-length movie when the trailer is really a ruse.

The second video from the Anti-Matter Web series is a sitcom that takes place in a comic book store. Chris Walker the maker of this series is a self-described comic addict. He draws from his and friends’ experiences for material. Chris feels, that he, as well as other GenX and GenYers, are now looking back on their youthful interests with longing, his reason for wanting to create the series. All episodes were shot in a comic book store on 35th Street. Chris tapes the shows on Saturdays when the store is not as busy. The people seen in the background are actual customers.

Octane Pistols of Fury created by Chris Prine was an official selection of the New York Television Festival. Chris is looking for a distributor and does not want to display his video online. It’s interesting that he is taking this approach as most creators are putting their material online to find and build an audience. This online audience becomes a selling point to investors who fund future episodes.

The last and coolest of the videos was Status Kill a show starting Ayinde Howell, another addict, yet this one cannot leave his social network behind. Distributed by MyDamnChannel the best aspects of this video are the effects. A social network screen pops up virtually in front of Ayinde’s character while in a forest trying to take out an email spammer.

The next BigScreen LittleScreen Meetup will be held on November 18th as a pre-holiday teaser. Presenters will include ControlTV with DBG, Babelgum Comedy, Trapped by Roger Wu, and an exclusive with Anyone But Me.

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