The Blog as Power Station

by Bradley Jobling on February 23, 2011

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on this blog, but part of that has been to gathering my thoughts on how social media is affecting the way all organizations market. During that time my ideas have solidified on how important a blog should be for every web site. Why is that?

People don”t naturally come to a web site. There are more and more places to for customers and readers to access content. So your web site has to go to the viewers. This could be on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any niche-focused social site. Since information needs to be formatted differently for these locations, a blog or blog-like structure is the perfect place to house this content where these other sites are the distribution systems for links to the blog. Think of an electricity grid and a power source. The blog is the power station.

Additionally, social media will continue to grow and specialize. Web audiences will participate on several sites based on their interests, hobbies, and professional life. The blog content can link to all or any of these as appropriate.

As an example, think of a blog for a sewing machine company. Who would want to know about the features of a brand new model? Those who sew, major retailers, repair shops, sewing teachers, and manufacturers who make complimentary products used with the machine A “new model” article posted on blog would go to all of these parties, whereas, a “features”, “customer support and parts”, or a “how-to” blog post would go to one or more, but not all those audiences. The posts can be delivered to the correct audience sites. If the entire post resides on the blog. Any corrections or addenda can be made in the original location on the blog.

I tend to always want to put things into model and diagram. I have to understand the process. So I would be interested in what other think. Am I oversimplifying or right on?

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