Collaboration Station – Management of Social Media Campaigns

by Bradley Jobling on April 6, 2011

As social media projects become more complex I must really be drinking the Kool Aid when I am thinking that the back ends of these projects need to be just as social as the front. Let me explain.

To manage a social media project properly we’re supposed to involve other team members in the creation of content and to delegate the one-on-one communication and responses. Yet that in itself involves management and collaboration which is the reason why I have been looking at web-based collaboration and project management tools such as BaseCamp, Central Desktop, and Huddle.

Collaborating Hands

Collaborating Hands

Six years ago, there were companies like DoubleClick which were setting up tools to manage ads across the several portals. Something new at the time. Now since social media requires even more messages due to the increasing personalization. This requires my concept of internal collaboration to handle the external collaboration! Leading me to the conclusions that Salesforce‘s acquisition of Radian6 is only the beginning

Beyond that imagine a social media marketing program that can customize a television spot based on a purchase recently made on Amazon or a review just left on Bazaarvoice platform. Very interesting!

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