Social Media and Privacy: Good or Bad?

by Bradley Jobling on April 16, 2011

I have never been one for privacy. It’s genetic. Even though my family members have at times been more than 400 miles apart, any sort of secret has only been a secret for days, if even that. I’ve usually blabbed anything interesting about myself to others long before they could possibly find it out on their own.

1912 Illinois Telephone And Telegraph Ad

Advertisement for dial telephone service available to delegates to the 1912 Republican convention in Chicago. A major selling point of dial telephone service was that it was "secret", in that no operator was required to connect the call.

With Facebook and LinkedIn, I have been able to figure out who I’ve lost out to on certain jobs and relationships for events that have happened over 10 years ago. The good news is that I’ve learned that I am too hard on my self. Many of these rivals are well qualified or great people. But I could also hold my own against them. Yet, is being able to research all of this good or bad?

When companies start up Facebook pages they are always worried that previous customers will leave bad comments. Yet, given the non-anonymity of Facebook most people realize anything they say is very pubic and on record. People therefore think twice before they post.

Because of social media the world is become smaller and going small-town. Everyone around you knows your business. Yet, this doesn’t bother me because I’ve always felt that keeping a secret was a futile task and it’s better to live your life so you don’t feel like you have that much to hide.

So, I know who I’ve lost out to and realized they are similar to me and not these perfect people I’ve envisioned in my mind. I try to make sure what I do will withstand the light of day according to my beliefs.

So is all of this non-privacy good or bad?

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