Social Optimization and Web Strategy

by Bradley Jobling on May 30, 2011

I was recently asked to put come up with an overall Web strategy, the result of which is this presentation which is embedded here. In thinking about this I had to take into account all of the things that affect the productivity and efficiency of a site. From stickiness, to SEO and now social, each has an effect on how a site should work and operate. Hence my philosophy for a social media optimized site as follows.

To be found a site must be updated constantly. At the very basic level sites should provide useful information and tools for people. It should also provide a place for user comments. The content updates are time consuming and becoming more costly. A blog or a blog-like structure is the easiest way to do this. Multiple people with varying technical skills, can update a blog. Now take that further and allow your blog-like updates to be routed to different parts of your site based topic-based tags.

There will be parts of your site that do not need to be updated, such as directions or contact information, but for the others, multiple people could post and update information at will. Furthermore these updates are what can be routed to your social media, newsletter, and RSS sites as required by the new distribution model and fulfill the requirement for Google to rank your site ad active.

Anything you update to your Web site whether it’s an actual article or the posting of a new video or podcast can be placed on the site and then announced to your visitors and subscribers through a simple paragraph long blog article. Don’t make people look for your updates, put it right in front of them the way they want to see it whether it be Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, email or RSS.

Lastly, social media is forcing everyone to be available for Q&A online. You need updates to your site, why not just let people ask you want they want to know and then respond?

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