The Age of the Writer: The Importance of Creatives in Digital Marketing

by Bradley Jobling on July 3, 2011

Not that this movie is the best example of writers, but I am sitting here watching the documentary New York in the Fifties, hearing how writers moved to New York City in the 1950’s and the beatniks movement. This is confirming my thought on the ideas that we are entering “The Age of the Writer”. This may not be a beatnik movement but a period where more and more writers, filmmakers, and other creative types are going to be needed to produce the content that companies need to market. Our updates are more frequent in the digital world and we need more people to create them.

Sky View of Downtown Manhattan circa 1950

Sky View of Downtown Manhattan circa 1950

The beatniks and the hippies changed society. The writers and bloggers of today are changing the way businesses operate and to a certain level, breaking down the boundaries of big money business. Smaller companies use social and digital marketing with a more impact. Doesn’t The Huffington Post now get more views than The New York Times? TMZ is one of the most popular blogs on the Web.

Everyone has a voice, even me with this blog. This doesn’t mean that everyone is heard. It’s not easy to cut through the clutter, but if you can post it, then it has the chance of being viewed unlike never before. The need for new content will not cease making this not only the age of the writer, but the age of the filmmaker, and the age of the creator.

If you have a chance check out the movie the Netflix version of New York in the Fifties streaming.

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