Sezmi and Social TV

by Bradley Jobling on July 17, 2011

A few months back Sezmi sent me a free system. Not sure how they got my name, I was just excited that I had actually won something.

Sezmi acts as a DVR for digital television signals. There is a $5 per month charge for the program guide which comes over the Internet. Using the Sezmi guide and DVR you can record a single program or an entire series. You can download movies through the Internet connection and if you live in LA where Sezmi is based you can add 20 cable channels for an additional $25 per month. Talk about cutting the cord!



Not quite available yet, but imagine a social platform on top of Sezmi which you can use to communicate with your friends. Connect by chatting or tweeting. Leave time agnostic notes when viewing on-demand content. Make the once lone television viewing experience a group event.

Add in Skype-like functionality to include at-home game show contestants, video commentary, or extended audience Q&A.

Media has been interactive for years. I remember my mother winning $350 on a radio call-in program in the 70s. I’ve met people through Twitter during a BBC radio broadcast. I’ve never been one to really communicate on the early online bulletin boards, but for some reason all this social media communication has become interesting not just to me, but to everyone.

So Sezmi is a great start to combining terrestrial signals, cable feeds and downloads. Create a Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn layer on top of television, Web video or live streaming and the social TV is on. If you check out Ustream, some of this already exists.

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