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Acorn TV Available Streaming Online

by Bradley Jobling on November 6, 2013

I am not ashamed to admit that I am a PBS and BBC fan. I guess it shows my age that I watch these programs and not “America’s Next Top Model.” I went through a period of limited access to cable and even forswore TV altogether but with the advent of Joost, Netflix and Hulu I was able to get television on-demand and on my terms. This was appealing due to the limited amount of time I could actually sit down and do nothing and the convenience of not having to reserve my time with the television. I told myself that the PBS and BBC might have been somewhat intellectual but it could also be down right boring.

My interest in online video started when I created a presentation about online recommendation systems on Netflix and how this was changing they way films were marketed. With recommendation systems the smaller production companies could compete with the big budgets of the Hollywood studios. Marketing budget is still a factor, but at least there’s a better chance for a cult, viral hit. With online reviews and social media, a not-so-small part of the Internet is now a recommendation system. We can see the games people are playing, books being read and their favorite television programs.

So I was surprise to find that Acorn TV offers and online streaming version of their programs such as Miss Marple, Foyle’s War, Vera and Midsomer Murders on a subscription basis. With this news, I feel that online television has come full circle. The Acorn programs have an older demographic. These aren’t sci-fi programs or independent movies. This is probably grams and gramps television available online and on-demand streaming. Truly, a watershed moment in the availability of online programming.


Sezmi and Social TV

July 17, 2011

A few months back Sezmi sent me a free system. Not sure how they got my name, I was just excited that I had actually won something. Sezmi acts as a DVR for digital television signals. There is a $5 per month charge for the program guide which comes over the Internet. Using the Sezmi […]

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BigScreen LittleScreen Meetup October 2010 Back with a Vengeance!

November 1, 2010

After a short hiatus the October 20th BigScreen LitteScreen Meetup was back with a vengeance and as usual, did not disappoint. The creativity of those involved in the development of these Web programs and channels is boundless. I am constantly awed. After a plug for the Digital Content New Front 2010 there were three videos […]

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The exhibitors at October 4th New York Video 2.0 Meetup once again did not disappoint. The four companies to exhibit were Magnify, dotSub, SpeakerText, and Boxee. Magnfy Magnify’s Steven Rosenbaum demoed the Magnify Web site tool where with a few clicks of the mouse, videos can be curated for a site. Here is an example […]

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May 2010 BigScreen LittleScreen Meetup

May 29, 2010

The screenings for the May 27th BigScreen LittleScreen Meetup included: The Tavern – Miguel Drake-McLaughlin Musicology Smackdown with Dr Marisa Biaggi – Off Track with Tony Stewart: The Rookie – Premiere by Matter The Captive for the Sundance Channel – Stuart Culpepper Written Off – Melissa Schneider and Jack Ferry The Tavern Created by […]

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New York Video May 10th Meetup Co-Hosted by Streaming Media East

May 14, 2010

Showcased at the NY May 10th Video Meetup were: Play On, Dynamo Player, SundaySky, VMIX, Kyte, and Interlude. Since many of these companies are in beta, the videos that were displayed are not available online, and could not be posted on this blog. PlayOn PlayOn is a software package which can be used to watch […]

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