Inbound Marketing Management Tools

by Bradley Jobling on October 17, 2013

Even with the lull in social media hype, there seems to be a dearth of tools to manage social media communication. These are my thoughts:

Social media is email on steroids. Social media is better than email with some wonderful nuances. Blogs can be used to generate communities that share information, teach, or just share experiences. Unlike email, discussions can go on for a longer period of time, are always available, and open to to others. Furthermore social media can be customized to specific needs. Twitter is short and sweet. LinkedIn is professional. Facebook is everywhere (which is not always good) and some networks are private and anonymous.

Some of us now prefer online communications as a way of interacting with friends and businesses. More will in the future. You can leave a message on social media for a friend using your computer at work or from your smart phone and those around you won’t know. Not all call centers are open 24/7 and when was the last time you tried to make a private voice call from your cubicle at work? With the exception of instant messages, social media is less “time intrusive.”

Companies are getting better at their timeliness and quality of social media replies. It’s becoming easier to respond with companies online and better than waiting on the phone. If you have a question about a product, social media will let you include a picture.

Social media usage and subscribers are still growing. Not that much else needs to be said about this.

Automation has gone vocal with voice recognition systems. Transferring this capability to digital would be an extension of that. Think how nice it would be to ask a specific question on the web, such as “When is my next payment due?”, “When will my favorite television program air?” or “What are the jobs can I apply for today”? If Siri could answer those, she would really be useful.

Social media messages will increase and become more specialized dealing with legal and healthcare issues. So, how can companies deal with confidential information on blogs, but still use them to acquire new business? Secure chat is product, but we need a solution for blog comments that provide the advantages of being public while protecting the private, such as personally identifiable health information. Is there a solution needed or could simple encryption be the answer?

As you may have noticed, I haven’t posted in a long time. I spend my days on social media at work, so I avoid everything except Twitter during my personal time. I recently wrote an article for The Journal of Digital and Social Media Marketing on “Corporate Blogging and Virtual Communities” and it peaked my interest in blogging again.