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Short Video, Is it For Everyone?

by Bradley Jobling on November 16, 2013

I was reading a report on short videos the other day. One of the key takeaways from this paper was you must stay in brand. But, what if your brand just isn’t short?

Life insurance, healthcare, real estate, and many business to business companies just don’t seem to fit into this cutesy and short video format. Imagine Larry Ellison in a 6 second video for an Oracle ERP system. Better yet, how many short videos on the new insurance exchange site could you watch while waiting to log on? I could see Flo in a short video with some of her short, snappy quotes. But then Progressive has intentionally tried to make buying their car insurance a quick and easy, effortless decision.

Some cultures think of “cute” in different ways. Taiwanese banks include Chinese astrological characters (snake, rat, cow) on their promotional calendars that look like they were drawn for a children’s book. Met Life has Snoopy.

It’s getting to the point that not all social media platforms are for everyone and every brand. New sites will be niche and for a specific communities. The places to market and manage company messages, more complex. That being said, there are some interesting and creative applications of short videos.